Artist Bio

 Welcome to my Artist Bio!


I'm originally from Sedona, Arizona but now currently reside in Flagstaff. I'm a Live Painter that has preformed at 50+ shows around Arizona & California. I’ve painted besides renowned musical artists including: Electronic music artists, Jam bands, Spanish guitar players & Pianists.

   At a young age I learned to paint in order to express emotions and ideas that I couldn't explain with words. My creations are a bridge between my thoughts and the outside world. I only feel at peace when I have an instrument to create with in hand.

   With my art I attempt to create new thoughts & conversation in the minds of my audience & within myself. I want people to look at my creations and ask questions. I want it to be provocative and allow people feel emotions that take them out of the current place their mind resides; just as it does for me. 

   During my creative process I start with a lot of planning. My art typically closely follows the parameters of the Rule of Thirds (typically a photography term) or attempts to follow the Fibonacci sequence. I typically do 3-6 sketches to prepare myself with the dimensions of the objects I will be painting. 

   As the art develops, I allow both mistakes & in-the-moment inspiration to guide my hand. My aim is to create an image that is balanced between intentionally placed marks and spontaneity. I like to incorporate movement, texture and well-crafted materials into anything I put my name on. Even though I’ve learned to accept the flow of the process I have a very specific energetic in mind that I attempt to create in each image.

   In the near future I will be starting my first mural project and my second art installation. I would like my future to be filled with creating immersive art exhibitions accompanied by large movements.
Selfie of Aurora Owens the Artist AOA